domingo, 29 de março de 2009

Best Places

Were you can see some of unforgatable places where you can spend your vacations that you will never forget, once you try you will never stop waiting for next year.
You can see Algarve nights, beaches, rifs, disco´s ...

Example :


Faro beach at nigth

A beutifull Riff

By the population of the Municipality of Faro - Ossonoba - derives from the word Phoenician Osson EBA, store in sepals and refers to the period VIII ac, when it established a commercial area in the hill Sé. During the Arab occupation the name Ossonoba prevailed, disappearing only in the seventeenth century. IX, leading to Santa Maria in the West. After the government of Said Ibn Harun in Taifa of Santa Maria in the century. XI is the city known as the Santa Maria Ibn Harun. After the conquest by the Portuguese Afonso III designated by the city of Santa Maria or Santa Maria Faaron of Faaram. In the seventeenth century. XVI to XVII the name evolved to Farom, Faro and will. The name appeared in Faro century. XVIII and remained until today.

The capital of the Algarve is proud of a lively center filled with shops, terraces, bars and restaurants together with its monuments and museums of great interest and beautiful old buildings, dating mainly from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The reason for this is that, although Faro became an important port and center under the Roman occupation, having been a fishing village in pre-historic times, has been the domain of the "Mouros", was looted and burned by the English in the sixteenth century and greatly damaged by the great earthquake of 1755. Faro was in large part, rebuilt, and the best architectural examples can be seen from the city center and the Largo do Carmo, such as the Palace Bivarin. Many sites are worth visiting: the Cathedral Square, with beautiful buildings, the Bishop's Palace and the rich of the eighteenth century cathedral, the church of San Pedro, dedicated to the patron saint of fishermen and a magnificent baroque main altar, the curious Cemetery of the Jews of the eighteenth century, the Arco da Vila, built in place of a medieval castle in the nineteenth century, the Arc of the rest of Arab origin, etc...


If you like the
company of golden rocks that gave fame to the Algarve, choose the bay of Lagos.

First, the sea and the famous beaches, the many shades of rocks and cliffs. Here, life has the pace of tourist cities, where the bodies that tanning during the day is shaking up, when the sun goes down, in restaurants, bars and discos that light up the night. A few miles inland and everything changes. Almond, fig, pine and orange trees in green dotted the landscape. The tracery of the chimney there is the red roofs of ocher. Bucolic villages invite you to one day made of nature and tranquility. For the holidays have a big dimension.